CCBHC Project Weekly Report : 5/13/2016

Action Item Review

List the most important action items per group

Information Advisory Council

  • Justin Harding discussed the memo sent out on 5/11 to all 35 providers and trades that due to barriers, the focus of the CCBHC grant moving forward would only be with providers in non- mandatory managed care areas
  • Discussed the reasons for the barrier, listened and attempted to address all feedback and concerns
  • Discussed that all 35 providers can still move forward with certification and the specific 10 providers that have the potential to be selected for the demonstration


  • Developing questions for Provider Survey
  • Continue to receive and log Consumer Survey responses
  • Identification of alternative mechanisms for needs assessment
  • Begin development of certification application and process

PPS (Prospective Payment System)

  • Formatted criteria for special populations to send out to providers for review/feedback
  • Danny Silbert to begin research and gain more insight into outlier payments to help facilitate and move that discussion forward

Data and Reporting

  • Trades have not received any feedback from members regarding the 11 quality measures dropped
  • Trades did bring up topic in their meetings with their members, and there was no significant responses
  • Review the 11 quality measures removed and began to discuss and identify which ones we wanted to retain
  • Began discussing other quality measures we want to add

Services Coordination Group

  • Discussed state's distinction between certification and selection
  • Discussed qualities of EBP's needed o Feasibility & sustainability o Need
    • Special Population
    • Addresses lifespan

Steering Committee

* No significant update

Potential Barriers

List any current risks identified by each group and the potential impact


  • Lack of resources to enter the information from the paper-based version of the consumer survey
  • Identifying mechanisms to conduct needs assessment


  • Providers being able to complete cost report
  • Providers don't have systems to analyze data for them. They send out to bill for services

Data and Reporting

  • Timing of SAMHSA when the comparison groups are chosen
  • Timing when the quality measures definitions are sent out
  • Measures have not been approved by OMB

Training Opportunities Identified Certification

* Webinar series covering a variety of topics regarding certification-First on 5/20/16


  • PPS-2
  • Cost Reports

Data and Reporting

  • Use of claims and encounter data
  • Collection of data and quality measures

Other TA/Trainings

* None Identified currently

Needs Assessment

* Review State Needs Assessment (Justin/Danny) / define expectations for local needs assessment

New Action Items

List all new action items assigned during the meeting. Be sure that all action items are clearly defined, assigned to someone, include due dates.


  • Provide Webinar trainings (5/20/16)
  • Complete a consumer survey (5/20/16)
  • Complete Certification application and process

Services Coordination Group

* Complete list of required EBP's, in collaboration with the Steering Committee, for approval by the Interagency Coordination Group


* Sending out initial compilation of Special Populations and supporting documents to providers for feedback (anticipated by: 5/31/16)

Data and Reporting

  • Discuss data and reporting needs as it relates to PPS-2 decision
  • Continue to work with SAMHSA on solidifying date we will receive quality measure definitions/justifications
  • Identify any addition quality measures to use for CCBHC to be more Illinois centric