CCBHC Project Weekly Status Report: 5-27-16

Action Item Review

List the most important action items per group


  • Pre-application is due back via the CCBHC general email inbox by 5-27-16
  • Lora Thomas is working on initial certification checklist draft due to group 6-3-16
  • Conducting second Provider Webinar on 6-3-16
  • Received over 1000 responses to the consumer survey, which is currently being reviewed/tabulated

PPS (Prospective Payment System)

  • Finalizing special populations and the criteria to go out to providers for review/feedback in the next few weeks
  • Sent out link to CMS cost report template to providers for review and feedback due by 5-27-16

Data and Reporting

  • SAMHSA call on Planning Milestones indicated states would have definitions by July 12th
  • Discussing and identifying Illinois-centric quality measures to incorporate
  • Will retain quality measures focused on suicide and health that were removed by SAMHSA

Services Coordination Group

  • Reviewing latest draft of EBP grid on 5-26 for review/feedback
  • Finalizing EBP list to send to Interagency Coordination Group for review and approval by 6-3-16

Steering Committee

  • Discussed EBP grid and provided feedback regarding need for family support EBP's
  • Agreed on EBP format presented by Services Coordination Group

Potential Barriers

List any current risks identified by each group and the potential impact


* None noted this week


* Providers being able to complete cost report

Data and Reporting

  • Timing of SAMHSA when the comparison groups are chosen
  • Timing when the quality measures definitions are sent out
  • Measures have not been approved by OMB

Training Opportunities Identified Certification

  • SAMHSA webinar on 6-1-16 for States and providers to discuss certification and the demonstration phase
  • Provider webinar to provide assistance with certification 6-3-16


  • PPS-2
  • Cost Reports

Data and Reporting

  • Use of claims and encounter data
  • Collection of data and quality measures

Other TA/Trainings

* None Identified currently

Needs Assessment

* Review State Needs Assessment (Justin/Danny) / define expectations for local needs assessment- (ongoing)

New Action Items

List all new action items assigned during the meeting. Be sure that all action items are clearly defined, assigned to someone, include due dates.


  • Provide Webinar trainings (6-3-16)
  • Send out Certification/Selection application by 7-1-16

Services Coordination Group

* Complete list of required EBP's, in collaboration with the Steering Committee, for approval by the Interagency Coordination Group on 6-3-16


* Sending out initial compilation of Special Populations and supporting documents to providers for feedback (anticipated by: 6-15-16)

Data and Reporting

  • Discuss data and reporting needs as it relates to PPS-2 decision
  • Continue to work with SAMHSA on solidifying date we will receive quality measure definitions/justifications
  • Identify any addition quality measures to use for CCBHC t