Letter from Secretary Dimas Regarding GATA

Grant Accountability and Transparency Changing the way Illinois does business with grantees

April 15, 2016

Dear IDHS Grantee:

The Grant Accountability and Transparency Act, also known as GATA, was passed by the Illinois Legislature in 2014. GATA confirms Illinois' commitment to the Federal Uniform Guidance 2 CFR 200, which went into effect in December 2014 and already applies to all federal grants and federal pass-through funds. GATA also reguires Illinois' state erants to follow these federal rules for state funded erants.

Changes in the overall grant processes are in development. Additional information will become available in the near future.

As a grantee, you can prepare your agency for GATA by becoming familiar with the federal regulations and the state law. Here are links to the federal guidance and state legislation :

You will receive emails in the future as more information becomes available. Updates will also be posted on the IDHS website at:


Thank you for your assistance in supporting human services in Illinois .