Living in the Community

We are committed to promoting the integration and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities into their local communities. Our goal is to make sure that individuals with developmental disabilities receive the support and services they need in order to lead fulfilling and productive lives, while remaining close with family members.

Families and guardians can contact our help line at 1-800-DD-PLANS or 1-866-376-8446 (TTY) to receive more information on community-based support services. We also strive to provide assistance to families and caretakers who are transitioning individuals from institutional care to community-based living.

When the necessary tools for growth and development are available, individuals with developmental disabilities can thrive and provide meaningful contributions to their communities.

Illinois Lifespan Project

The Illinois Life Span Project is Illinois's centralized information and referral resource for people with developmental disabilities, their family members and professionals in the field. They are there to answer any questions people with developmental disabilities and their family members may have on advocacy resources and services they may need throughout their lives.

The Illinois Life Span Project assures that people are directed to advocacy resources that are successful in helping them meet their needs.

Visit their website at  

You can also contact their office at:

The Arc of Illinois
The Illinois Life Span Project
18207 Dixie Highway, Suite A
Homewood, IL 60430

Toll Free: 800-588-7002
Local phone: 708-206-3993
Fax: 708-206-1171

Centers for Independent Living (CIL)

CILs are local not-for-profit service and advocacy organizations. CILs are non-residential, community based, cross-disability organizations.

CIL Services

Illinois CILs provide a variety of independent living services. The core independent living services provided by all CILs are:

  1. Information and referral
  2. Peer support
  3. Independent living skills training
  4. Advocacy

Depending on the needs of the community, individual CILs may also provide:

  1. Interpreter/reader referral
  2. Transportation arrangement and housing location assistance
  3. Technical assistance and information on laws and compliance requirements
  4. Disability awareness training

Click here to find a CIL in your area.