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Do providers with a contract in FY16 to provide Older Blind Services have to fill out an application for FY17?

  • All Funding for the Older Blind Program will be distributed via the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) process. Only providers following the process outlined in the Older Blind Program NOFO will be considered for funding in FY17. Application for funding through the NOFO process does not guarantee funding.

The Notice of Funding Opportunity requires applicants to pre-qualify through the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) Grantee Portal, located at  The Grantee Portal is "under construction."  How do applicants pre-qualify?

  • The Grantee Portal is expected to be available to providers soon.  In FY17, applicants may submit an application for a grant prior to completing the pre-qualification process, but will not be awarded a grant until the pre-qualification process is completed.  Starting in FY18, the pre-qualification must be completed prior to applying for a grant

***UPDATE***The Notice of Funding Opportunity has a posted date of 5/6/16.  The NOFO was actually posted on 5/17/16.  The closing date is 6/6/16, which is less than the required 30 day posting period.  Can the posting period be extended?

  • The original targeted date for posting the NOFO was 5/6/16.  Due to technical difficulties, the NOFO was not posted until 5/17/16.  The posting date on the NOFO has been corrected and now reflects a posting date of 5/17/16.  The Department received an exception from the 30 day posting period, therefore the period will not be extended.
  • ***UPDATE****  The closing date has been extended to June 17, 2016 at 12:00 Noon.

Provide additional information on Milestone #1 in Section A: Deliverables and Milestones regarding the need for a last visual screening prior to the provision of services.

Milestone 1.  Provide or request from each customer their last vision screening or vision examinations from qualified or certified professionals such as ophthalmologists or optometrists, and who received functional vision assessments or low vision evaluations to identify strategies for enhancing visual performance both without and with optical and low vision devices and equipment. Assessment areas may include functional visual acuity and fields, efficiency of vision in the performance of everyday tasks, and evaluation for low vision aids or equipment.

  • Prior to the provision of services, grantees are required to request each customer's last vision screening or examination to verify a severe visual impairment.  In absence of such screening, the grantee shall assist a potential customer is obtaining a vision screening or examination.  Grant funding should only be used to support the cost of a vision screening or examination when no other funding source is available (ie Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance etc.).When grant funding is used to support payment of a vision screening or examination, the Department may request documentation supporting that all other comparable benefits were explored.Provide additional information on Milestone #1 in Section A: Deliverables and Milestones regarding the need for a last visual screening prior to the provision of services.

Provide additional information on Performance Measure 1 in Section A: Program Description.

Measure 1. # ________and ______% of individuals served in the quarterly reporting period.

  • The heading for Measure 1 has been revised to add clarity to the desired response.  In addition, an annual count is now required.  The Measure, as originally posted, resulted in grantee confusion.  Therefore, these clarifications were deemed necessary.  Please revisit the NOFO.