DHS Helpline Resource Center

Welcome to the DHS Helpline Resource Center!

You will find information here on the Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) system including the application process,  Manage My Case (MMC) functionality and how to use the Appeals functions. You will also find information on the Integrated Eligibility System (IES) and how to navigate and understand the information you find so that you can better inform and assist your clients.

Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE)

  • ABE User Guide

    • ABE User Guide - A Guide designed to show the consumer how to Navigate ABE including how to apply for benefits, how to link their application or an existing case to Manage My Case (MMC), and how to understand the information in MMC. 
  • ABE Escalation Guide

    • ABE Escalation Guide - A guide to help identify a uniform process for troubleshooting and escalating ABE issues encountered by customers and providers, and provide direction for how such inquiries should be routed.
  • ABE MMC and Appeals Preview

  • ABE Appeals Guide

    • ABE Appeals Portal Guide - A guide designed for consumers to educate them on the ABE Appeals Portal, including how to file and manage an appeal for a number of state benefit programs
  • ABE Providers Guide

    • ABE Providers Guide - A guide designed to support health service providers in using and navigating the features in ABE and explains how to set up the ABE Partner user account.

Integrated Eligibility System (IES)

The IES computer based tutorials are self-based learning courses that introduce you to IES functionality and concepts. The first three CBTs are abbreviated for the Inquiry Only user.The last two CBTs are full length versions and may include functionality that you do not have access to in IES and may not be as relevant to your job function, but will never-the-less provide further information of functionality in IES.

    • Quick Introduction to IES
    • Quick IES Case Structure
    • IES Inquiry w/ brief Research Module
    • Researching in IES
    • IES Navigation
  • IES Job Aids

Job Aids provide information on how to find specific information or complete specific tasks in IES.