Question and Answers for Medical Officer on Duty RFA

Question: Are CVs of potential locums required with the bid?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary to have the Curriculum Vitae of any Medical Provider for review. This ensures proper credentialing and privileging as well as appropriate and adequate qualifications of the Medical Provider to care for patients.

Question: Do you intend to make multiple awards?

Answer: If needed, we may need to award contracts to several agencies to fill current vacancies.

Question: Will or can the doctors rotate between work sites or qualify to work at more than one location?

Answer: The doctors do not ideally rotate between work sites, although it is possible. Any MD who rotates between two or more facilities must then have credentialing and privileging completed at each hospital.

Question: How many physicians must you ideally credential to keep full coverage for each location?

Answer: It depends. Each hospital has a different census of patients, and there are different types of patient care. For a Medical On-Call MD, of example, there is a need for medical coverage on both acute care and extended care units. Our largest hospital has a capacity of approximately 400 patients. We have minimum, medium, and maximum security psychiatric hospitals.

Question: Will a locums see children or adults 18 and above only?

Answer: Our hospitals have the capability of admitting patients 16 years of age and older at this time. There may be a provision for us to serve younger patients in the future. This is yet to be determined. The vast majority of our patients are 18 years of age or older.

Question: Will awardees be allowed an opportunity to negotiate the terms of the contract prior to signing?

Answer: IDHS reserves the right to negotiate the costs with any Vendor responding to this RFA.

Question: Should there be contract terms we are unable to accept, is there a penalty for not signing a contract?

Answer: There is no penalty for not signing a contract.

Question: Are there penalties incurred if unable to fill any of the openings?

Answer: There are no penalties incurred for not filling positions within a contract.

If the vendor contracted for these services is unable to fill a position, IDHS reserves the right to find a vendor to fill the position.

Question: May we add a locums to perm conversion fee to our pricing?

Answer: A locums to perm conversion fee appears to be standard practice, and has been included in our contractual arrangements with other locums agencies.