PM 19-07-08: Changes Reported During the Approval Period (TANF)

WAG 19-07-08

new manual material

new manual materialTANF only cases in Mid-Point Reporting status must report changes on the interim Mid-Point Report form and at REDE.

When the unit reports a change, review the effect of the change on the unit's eligibility and benefit amount. For income-related changes, consider the date the first payment is received (as a result of the change) as the date the client learned about the change.

Act on a reported change as follows:

  • Change results in a decrease or ineligibility, see PM 18-02-02 and PM 10-02-03.
  • Change results in an increase in benefits not due to a new unit member, see PM 18-04-08 for SNAP and PM 18-01-02 for TANF.
  • Change due to adding a new unit member, see PM 18-04-07 for SNAP and PM 18-03-00 for TANF.
  • See PM 19-07-07 for reporting changes on the Mid-Point report form and the Mid-Point Reporting process.

NOTE: For TANF cash benefits, when the ending of employment is reported, see PM 10-02-04-c.

new manual materialIf a reported change makes a case exempt from Mid-Point Reporting (PM 19-07-01), remove the case from Mid-Point Reporting status at the next REDE.