PM 19-02-04-b Medical Manual REDE Process B

WAG 19-02-04-b

IES will select a medical case for a manual REDE if the case:

  • Does not qualify for auto-REDE following the clearance step; or
  • Is excluded from auto-REDE.

IES will auto-populate medical Form 2381B with information found in the clearances and send it along with REDE form IL 444-1893 to the household by the 60th day prior to the end of the certification period.  When form 2381 is generated, REDE form 643M, 643N or 643X are auto-populated with clearance data.

The client has 30 days to respond to the medical REDE. When the REDE is received by mail or through ABE, the date the REDE was received is recorded in IES to prevent auto-cancelation of medical or cash assistance.  If no date is recorded in the REDE received date field in IES, IES will auto-cancel for failure to complete the REDE.

IES will generate a reminder form 643RNW to submit the REDE by the due date if the medical REDE received date has not been updated in IES within 20 days.

If the household receives SNAP, the SNAP will end when the certification date expires unless a SNAP REDE is completed to reset the SNAP benefit certification period for another year. Receipt of the SNAP REDE will not stop IES from ending the SNAP if the REDE hasn't been completed by cutoff.