PM 19-02-04-a Medical Auto-REDE Process A

WAG 19-02-04-a

IES generates Form 2381A Medical Benefits Redetermination Notice to inform the customer of continued eligibility. Once Form 2381A is sent, the REDE for that case is considered complete from the customer's perspective. The automated action is completed in the following circumstance:

  • No change in income and non-financial criteria are met.
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Form 2381A is sent at the same time as Form IL 444-1893 when a household receives SNAP or cash assistance.  Form IL 444-1893 must be completed and returned for the SNAP and cash (manual) redetermination.

Note: IES will not centrally terminate medical benefits due to income found in the Step 2 clearance process for auto-REDE. When the clearances reveal income that exceeds the limit, IES will divert the case to the manual REDE process B.

If the customer's circumstances have changed since the auto-REDE process was initiated, they have 30 days to report the change before IES automatically certifies the results described in Form 2381A. If the customer does not contact the office, no further action is required to process the REDE.

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