Rule 50.30(f) Training

What is OIG Rule 50.30(f)?

Rule 50, Section 50.30(f), mandates that each agency/facility initiate the preliminary steps of an investigation by a designated employee who is trained in the OIG-approved methods to gather evidence and documents. These preliminary steps of the investigation include:

  • securing the scene,
  • collecting and preserving physical evidence,
  • separating witnesses and taking statements,
  • securing documents, and
  • taking applicable photographs.


In order to take the 50.30(f) training, the requesting staff must have approval of the their agency/facility OIG Liaison or Executive Director and already completed Rule 50.  Also, the requesting staff will not have had a substantiated finding in the previous three years and is not currently under investigation by OIG.

Instructions to Register

  1. Download and complete the 50.30(f) Request form (pdf), and email the form to
  2. OIG will send the 50.30(f) training materials and a link to the online test.

Requirements to Complete

  1. Complete the presentation and understand the 50.30(f) requirements.
  2. Pass the 50.30(f) test with a grade of 70% or higher at the end of the test.  Passing this test  will allow the employee to complete the important 50.30(f) responsibilities. 
    1. If the a passing grade is not attained, OIG will send the requesting staff a second test.  The test is completed manually and returned via email to
    2. If the requesting employee does not pass the second test, they will not be approved to complete the 50.30(f) responsibilities.