RFI for MH Juvenile Inpatient Forensic Services

The IDHS/DMH has released an RFI to identify possible vendors interested in contracting with the IDHS, Division of Mental Health (DMH) for a contract to provide secure inpatient forensic treatment to juveniles aged 10 -17, adjudicated Unfit to Stand Trial (UST) and Not Guilty by Reason of Sanity (NGRI) by the Illinois criminal courts and remanded to the DHS. The inpatient forensic services would also include psychiatric services to both funded and unfunded youth, fitness restoration training (where applicable), medication management, risk and malingering assessments, case management and coordination, transportation, court reporting and expert witness testimony, as necessary. In addition, the potential vendor would be able to provide acute psychiatric stabilization for juveniles transferred to the DHS/DMH from the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) under 730 ILCS 5/3-10-4 (Intradivisional Transfers).

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