TELEMEDICINE SERVICES - Request for Information (RFI) - Questions and Answers


Question 1: Should we submit cost information as part of our response to the RFI, or will that be discussed once we are contacted back by DHS?

  • Answer 1: Do not send any cost information in response to this RFI. Costs will only be addresses if there is a formal solicitation for the services.

Question 2: Do you anticipate that multiple providers/companies will be chosen as part of this initiative or is the DHS looking to partner with one company to provide all of the needed services?

  • Answer 2: It is unknown at this time if the services will be solicited for one or multiple companies.

Question 3: For the inpatient facilities, what are the ages of patients, and are any of the needs strictly substance abuse?

  • Answer 3: Ages generally 18 to no adult limit. No strictly substance abuse clients to our knowledge.

Question 4: For the Sexually Violent Persons Program, what is the anticipated frequency of visit required? Are these once-a-month acuity patients, or more frequent? Each patient will have his or her own acuity and care requirements, but for scoping purposes, we are trying to estimate an average.

  • Answer 4: These are long term patients mainly. There are roughly 250 on medications and we would estimate they are seen on average every 6 weeks but due to the poor reliability of self-report in this population additional time is needed to consult with their therapist so it probably comes out to once a month including time spent working with the treatment team and participating in the enforced medication and chemical castration programs.

Question 5: For the post-discharge patients, is the goal to provide follow-up treatment in outpatient settings, or directly into their residences in the community? We are equipped and experienced in doing both in-home and community-based work, but for scoping and resource purposes, understanding the goal here would be helpful.

  • Answer 5: Goal is to provide for community based services.