Updated Batch Registration Submission Guide for DMH providers

Dear Community Providers:

Attached is an updated Batch Registration Submission Guide for DMH providers This guide will also be posted to the Illinois Mental Health Collaborative Website for your future reference as needed.

This latest version of the guide includes previously omitted ICD-10/DSM-5 "T" and "Z" codes for your use. These codes will be particularly helpful in instances where an individual may be seen for an assessment, but found not to meet criteria for any DSM-5 clinical diagnostic code. As you may recall, one difference between DSM-5 and its predecessor is that the DSM-IV contained a code (V71.09) for use when there was not a diagnosis to report on a particular axis, and DSM-5 does not provide such a code. Instead, the clinician may use one of the codes which are detailed in the DSM-5 chapter: "Other Conditions That May Be a Focus of Clinical Attention," all of which begin with a the letter T or the letter Z, to document the reason for assessing the individual.

Please note that these codes also apply to registrations submitted through the ProviderConnect Portal. The codes have an effective date of October 1, 2015. You may begin using these codes immediately. Any questions related to this matter may be addressed to your DMH Regional Contract Manager.

Thank you;