GRF Walk-Up

GRF Walk to DHS FY17 Introduced Budget

(All Numbers in Thousands)

GRF FY16 Estimated Spending

Category Total Line Item
GRF FY16 Estimated Spending $3,307,038.0

GRF FY17 Introduced Budget

Category Total Line Item
Alcoholism & Substance Abuse ($20,204.2)
Increase in Medicaid authority $6,000.0
Transfer DASA Managed Care funding to HFS ($17,204.2)
Opioid Maintenance Therapy Conversion to Medicaid ($9,000.0)
Developmental Disabilities $16,931.9
Ligas Annualization & New Placements $16,659.6
SODC CILAs Annualization & New Placements $2,796.6
DCFS CILAs Annualization & New Placements $2,587.1
GRF Shift to 509 Fund ($9,000.0)
BIPP - Excess Appropriation Authority ($5,314.4)
SODC Personal Services & Fringes $11,183.1
Contracts Reduced to est. spending - Child Care Institutions & Community Supportive Living ($1,980.1)
Family & Community Services $288,189.2
Child Care Increase to 185% FPL; Federal reauthorization ($20M) $330,633.9
Early Intervention Increased Caseloads $5,000.0
Excess TANF Appropriations due to Lower Caseloads ($25,000.0)
Background checks on relatives providing Child Care ($22,444.7)
Mental Health ($17,945.3)
MH Underutilization ($4,520.5)
BIPP - Excess Appropriation Authority ($2,748.2)
TDF - Census Growth, Annualization, and Contract Costs $3,500.0
Transfer MH Managed Care funding to HFS ($15,895.3)
SOF Personal Services & Fringes $10,786.4
Reduce Administrative Service Organization contract ($1,721.4)
Discontinue Family Consumer Specialist Program ($346.3)
GRF one-time shift to Other State Funds ($7,000.0)
Rehabilitation Services ($5,506.7)
Home Services Program Annualization of Overtime $7,500.0
Transfer HSP Managed Care funding to HFS ($12,234.5)
HSP Personal Services & Fringes $2,227.8
Eliminate Duplicate Waiver Services for Individuals in HSP/DD waivers ($3,000.0)
DHS Grants & Operations $77,010.4
Drugs (5% COLA and new drugs) $1,700.0
Permanent Improvements $3,679.9
Annualization of DHS Share of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program $10,857.4
DHS Grants $25,000.0
Personal Services $32,329.5
Social Security $3,443.6
FY17 Proposed Growth over FY16 Estimated Spending $338,475.3
Department of Human Services General Revenue Fund Governor's Proposed $3,645,513.3