Human Trafficking Resource Center Notice Act

Human Trafficking Resource Center Notice Act 

Victims of human trafficking often do not know where to turn for assistance and can be too intimidated to ask for help. The Human Trafficking Resource Center Notice Act requires specified businesses and other establishments to post a notice informing the public and victims of human trafficking of telephone hotline numbers to seek help or report unlawful activity. There are specific posting mandates, language requirements, and penalties for failure to post. The mandated notice is available on this website for downloading. Each mandated business is required to post the notice in English and Spanish. In addition, for businesses located in specific counties, a third language posting is required.

The mandated posting provides victims of human trafficking with essential information on where to obtain assistance. The posting also provides critical information to the public on how to report suspected human trafficking.

The Model Public Notice

The Illinois Department of Human Services has developed a model notice available for download.

All Monitoring, Enforcement, Penalties, and Compliance of the Act are handled through the governmental entity regulating a business or establishment or local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction.

For questions regarding the model notice developed by IDHS please contact:

Contact Numbers

National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1-888-373-7888