Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals (QIDP) Curriculum

The  QIDP curriculum is for agencies that adopted the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) curriculum as their classroom training. Please refer to Training Information Bulletin T.15.001 for more information about the QIDP curriculum.

  1. QIDP Training Curriculum Modules
  2. QIDP Training Facilitator Guides
  3. QIDP Course Coordinator Checklists
  4. QIDP Additional Handouts
  5. Contact for Assistance

QIDP Training Curriculum Modules

Trainees, QIDP Course Coordinators, and QIDP Instructors should maintain all 9 QIDP modules to form a QIDP Training Notebook. They can either be printed or saved using the following links:

QIDP Training Facilitator Guides

The training facilitator will need the following materials in a binder:

QIDP Course Coordinator Checklists

These checklists are often completed and coordinated by the QIDP Course Coordinator as part of their duties to monitor the Basic QIDP Orientation Training Program and to ensure instructors are qualified and teaching the program as required. QIDP Course Coordinators must attend QIDP Course Coordinator Training

QIDP Additional Handouts

These handouts are to be provided to QIDP trainees during the 40-hour classroom curriculum.  The suggested time for handing out each of the following will be in the Presenter's Supplement.

  1. Belmont Wellness - Effective vs Ineffective Communication (pdf)
  2. Community Participation Planning Tool (pdf)
  3. My Choice, My Future (pdf)
  4. Risk Assessments for Participants in Home & Community-Based Waivers

Contact for Assistance

If you need assistance, please email DHS.BQMQE@illinois or contact (217) 558-1511.