More Info on Supportive Housing

More Info on Supportive Housing (pdf)

Community Providers:

DHS/DMH has been asked to share this with eligible providers involved in providing permanent housing developed to prevent and homelessness. Eligible providers include non-profits and institutions of higher education.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has released a Supportive Housing Grant. Eligible applicants for this funding opportunity include nonprofits as well as public, state, and private institutions of higher education.

The maximum amount of funding an entity can apply for is $1.3 million. Applications are due February 12, 2016. The purpose of the Department of Justice's (DOJ's) and HUD's demonstration grant is to strengthen communities ability to prevent and end homelessness and reduce avoidable incarceration by increasing the provision of Permanent Supportive Housing, a proven evidenced-based practice. The PFS Demonstration is an opportunity to equip communities with a new financing mechanism for funding Permanent Supportive Housing projects that will prevent returns to homelessness and reduce recidivism among the re-entry population.

Below is the link to the additional information about this funding opportunity.