ROCS Version 6.17 Download Instructions

updated 4/11/2024

ROCS Version 6.17 Download Instructions

If you are moving your ROCS 6.0 series version from one server to another or from one computer to another, Please contact the ROCS Help Desk for assistance.

ROCS Help Desk email address:

You may want to temporarily disable your antivirus while you are downloading and updating your application.  Then before you restart the antivirus, create a new exclusion for the new gsd01000.exe in the PRS\PRSW folder.

Then follow the steps below for the download.

Click on the following link to download the executable:

The window below will appear - carefully type in the user name and password exactly as it is below

  • The User name is  ROCS.User
  • The Password  is  DHSnet1616

Then click on the Sign On Button to access the information.

sign on screen

Do Not Change the Password if prompted. 
Select Never on the next question.

Once in click on the FOLDERS tab on the left side.  this will give you a list of options in the middle of the screen.
ROCS folders 617

1st click on the DHS folder.
2nd click on the ROCS folder.
When the list of 3 options to download show up, put a check mark in front of the dhscrs615.exe file.
Click on the Download button on the bottom of the screen.
Next a Validate Files box will show on the lower right side of your screen.  When it does, Click on Show All to see what you have to download.

Vailidate files

Click on the dhscrs617.exe file. 
The website will then automatically download the dhscrs617.exe to your C:\Download folder on your local workstation. 
Make sure to allow this to happen with your antivirus.
After the download is complete, use copy/paste to move the dhscrs617.exe to your PRS folder.
If the installation has not already kicked off and updated your application, you can run the installation from within the PRS folder.

If the installation kicks off before you get the dhscrs617.exe file moved, just follow the prompts and run the update.  Indicate the correct drive where the PRS folder is located and it should update the application.  After the update has completed, then follow the instructions above to move the dhscrs617.exe to your PRS folder.

If you need assistance, contact the ROCS Help Desk via email at