Numerical Goal for People with Disabilities

Hiring of People with Disabilities

For FY24, the Department's Workforce Analysis shows there are 603 or 4.55% of employees with disabilities. The percent of people with disabilities in the Illinois labor force is 5.96% or 790 employees. This data is based on information received from the Illinois Department of Central Management Services. The State of Illinois 2023 Mandatory State of Illinois Disability Survey shows IDHS has 2,382 or 17.98% of employees with disabilities, which is above the labor force percentage of 5.96%.

IDHS will continue efforts toward a diversified workforce at all levels by continuing to seek opportunities to hire people with disabilities and will utilize the IDHS Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention Committee to discuss plans and activities for hiring people in this demographic.

Recruitment efforts will include:

  1. Collaboration with IDHS' Division of Rehabilitation Services.
  2. Recruit and/or hire through CMS' Successful Disability Opportunities program.