Underutilization Summary

The workforce data for the FY 2023 Affirmative Action Plan is based on the statewide workforce of 13,217 staff. As we begin FY 2023, the IDHS workforce data, processed through the IDHR calculation formats, yields the total underutilization statewide of 461, or 3.49% of the total IDHS employees.

Total Underutilization by Affirmative Action Group

African American - 24
Hispanic - 339
Women - 54
Asian - 40
American Indian/Alaskan Native - 3
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander - 1

Total - 461

Total Underutilization by EEO Category

Officials/Managers - 1
Professionals - 47
Technicians - 292
Protective Service - 19
Para-Professional - 6
Administrative Support - 3
Skilled Crafts - 22
Service Maintenance - 71

Total - 461

Availability Analysis - External Workforce
The availability analysis provides a numerical measure of utilization through an analysis of the internal workforce of each state entity and the availability of affirmative action groups in surrounding labor areas. A comparison of the availability numbers and the actual number of affirmative action groups currently employed by the agency indicates whether or not the agency is underutilized. The resulting number becomes the ultimate goal of the agency.
The new census data was used to factor in the grand total of the availability analysis in FY2023. In IDHR Region 1, Hispanics in the Technician EEO Job Category increased from 9.98% to 33.76%. This increase helps explain the rise in Hispanic underutilizations in the Technician EEO Job Category in Region 1, for FY2023.