Update - Batch Registration File Layout - Effective October 1, 2015

Dear DMH Providers,

This communication is a follow-up to the DMH Communication Alert issued July 22nd with regard to the new batch registration file layout that will become effective October 1st 2015. As you know, the Batch Registration Guide which was disseminated as an attachment to the Communication Alert, contained the batch registration file layout that must be utilized to accommodate the required transition from the use of the ICD-9/DSM-IVTR to the ICD-10/DSM-V diagnostic taxonomy. As stated in that alert, as a follow-up, we are enclosing the updated registration guide that now contains a listing of the diagnostic categories associated with the ICD-10/DSM-V codes. This information replaces the "under construction" section in the guide that was disseminated July 22nd.

One additional update that you will notice when you review the guide is that the file layout has also been updated. The former layout did not contain a field for the descriptive categories in relation to the medical diagnoses, so it was necessary to add that field for each of the three medical diagnostic fields. As you know, this is necessary because ICD-10/DSM-V permits a subset of medical diagnoses to be classified in more than 1 diagnostic descriptive category-as is the case with mental health diagnostic codes. Although the file layout has changed slightly, because it pushes the fields related to social elements to new positions, it makes intuitive sense in terms of the way in which the data will be reported by clinical staff and entered into your information system by your agency staff. In effect, the medical descriptive category fields will be entered immediately after each medical diagnosis category. If the file format remained the same as the format included in the July 22 batch registration guide, agency staff would have entered the 3 medical diagnosis categories, which would have been followed by the social elements fields, and then the descriptive diagnostic category for each of the 3 medical diagnoses (as applicable) reported. We think that potentially this would cause confusion for staff entering the data.

Please review the updated batch registration guide carefully. If you have questions with regard to the guide, or the update to the batch registration file layout, please contact the Illinois Mental Health Collaborative EDI Help Desk. For your convenience, the telephone number is: (888) 247-9311. If questions regarding DMH policy, as always, please contact your DMH regional contract manager.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Mary E. Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Director

Decision Support, Research and Evaluation

Division of Mental Health

Illinois Department of Human Services

401 South Clinton, 2nd Floor (New Address Effective 4/7/2015)

Chicago, Illinois 60607