IMPACT Provider Enrollment System

Illinois replaced its previous Medicaid Management Information System to meet federal requirements in the Affordable Care Act. The new system is named the Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology, or IMPACT for short. To login, please visit the IMPACT website maintained by the Department of Healthcare and Family Services.

  • IMPACT PowerPoint Presentations 

  • Single Sign On

  • Every person that is requesting access to the IMPACT system must apply for a Single Sign On (SSO) Identification. The SSO is only for that person and should not be shared with others. When applying for the SSO, the person must use his/her personal information and not the information for a company or other individuals that he/she is assisting with enrolling in the IMPACT Medicaid provider Enrollment System. Please use the Single Sign On PowerPoint Presentation.pdf  for assistance with this step.  Please contact the IMPACT login helpdesk for assistance with this step via email at or by phone at 1-888-618-8078 .
  • Facility, Agency, Organization (FAO)

  • This is the enrollment type for business entities that are enrolling with a National Provider Identifier.  The Facility, Agency, Organization enrollment type must be used for Developmental Training and all residential providers, including CILA, Child Group Home and Community Living Facilities.  Some other service types may also use this enrollment type if they are choosing to enroll with a National Provider Identifier.

    FAO Presentation

  • Atypical Agencies

  • Atypical Agencies is the enrollment type for HBS transportation companies, adaptive equipment/assistive technology, home and vehicle modification providers.  Other business entities that may choose to use this enrollment type are Self Directed Assistant, Supported Employment, Personal Support-agency based and Adult Day Care providers if they are enrolling without a National Provider Identifier. 
  • Atypical Agencies Presentation
  • Groups

  • The Group Practice enrollment type is for business entities that will be providing nursing, behavior therapy, counseling/psychotherapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy.  Business entities do not need to enroll as a Group Practice if the business is already enrolled in IMPACT as an FAO or Atypical Agency. 

    Groups PowerPoint Presentation

  • Rendering/Service Provider

  • Rendering/Servicing Only providers are individuals that are working for or contracting with another individual or business entity.

    Rendering/Service Provider PowerPoint Presentation

  • Individual Sole Provider

  • Individuals that are receiving payment directly from the state of Illinois for Medicaid services are required to enroll as an Individual Sole Provider.This includes individuals that are providing a combination of services by working independently and contracting with another individual or business entity.

    Individual Sole Provider Presentation

  • Enrollment Modification

  • This PowerPoint presentation provides guidance on how to modify an application that has already been approved. Enrollment modifications should be completed whenever their are name changes, changes in address, ownership, executive director, adding/removing a specialty, updating license/certification information, etc.
  • Enrollment Modification PowerPoint Presentation
  • Domain Administrator Rights

  • The individual that submits an IMPACT application for approval is automatically given Domain Administrator (DA) Rights to that enrollment record in IMPACT once the application has been approved.  That individual is the only person that has DA rights to the IMPACT enrollment record and is only person able to view it and submit Enrollment Modifications. 
  • This PowerPoint presentation provides guidance for a DA to be able to grant viewing and editing rights with other individuals with an IMPACT Single Sign On Identification.  Enrolled IMPACT providers that do not have Domain Administrator rights to their enrollment record should request that the DA grant them access to the record. You may also contact the IMPACT helpdesk for assistance by calling 1-877-782-5565 or sending an email to
  • Domain Administrator PowerPoint Presentation