July 22, 2015 - Child Care Payment Update

Here is the latest information from the IDHS Child Care Information line. (217)524-9041

New Debit Cards

Providers paid on the Illinois Debit Master Card should have received new cards at the end of June. All payments issued earlier in June, went to your previous card. Please maintain that card and use it until all the funds are spent on that card. Debit card payments issued now will go to the new cards recently mailed. If you received a new card, make sure you activate it. For providers that are paid through the debit card, did not receive the new card, or if your payments don't go to the new card, you need to call the card company customer service line at: 1-866-338-2944. For the first 15-20 days in July, payments issued to the new cards may take an extra couple days for the payments to get to your card. Normally, funds are on the debit card two working days after the payment is issued. In this initial time frame, it may take three or four working days for the funds to get to your card.

Fiscal Year 2016 Budget

At this time a budget for the Child Care Assistance Program has not been approved for the fiscal year that began July 1st. If a budget is passed by the end of July, payments for services provided in July, and any payment entered in August should be issued with little or no delays. If there is no budget passed by the end of July, payments to all Child Care Assistance Providers entered in August and possibly later, will be delayed until a new budget is put into place. Whenever a budget is in place, DHS will always process past payments in the date order they were entered into the DHS System.

The normal mid-month funding for DHS started to approve more payments on July 17th. On July 17th, DHS approved MOST payments entered up to July 7th, and possibly some payments entered up to July 9th. However, there was a technical issue that is still causing a delay on the approval of most of the remaining payments waiting approval. Earlier this week DHS thought the problems with the approvals was fixed. Unfortunately, the fix to the problem took longer than anticipated, and approvals should now start to approve again on Friday night July 24th, or Monday night July 27th. For approving payments, DHS always notes MOST because payments can also get held up for individual technical issues or other provider specific issues.

For issued payments: DHS had another problem with computer tapes going to The Office of the Comptroller. This time the payments not issued yet, were those approved by DHS on July 17th. DHS is hopeful the issue will be fixed today, and those payments will hopefully be issued on July 23rd or July 24th. It does appear that payments approved by DHS on July 20th were issued on July 21st. Payments should be back to a normal schedule next week, with payments issued one to three days after being approved by DHS.

To find out when your payment was entered, you usually can use 800-804-3833. Licensed providers must enter the IVR case number to hear information on their payments. Please refer to the most recent child care certificate or other child care case information for the IVR number.

If you have a questions regarding a redetermination, approval, address change, certificate needed, the number of days entered in for a payment, and many other questions, you will need to contact your child care office that takes care of your case. Also, contact the child care office that handles the case for any payment that was issued but was not received, or for those returned undeliverable to The Office of the Comptroller.

To follow payments via the internet, you can generally see approved payments at: www.dhs.state.il.us

  • Go to tab: FOR PROVIDERS
  • Click on: Payments
  • Click on: Provider Payment Inquiry
  • **For payments approved in July, adjust the Payment Inquiry Criteria from 2016 to 2015**
  • Enter: SS# or FEIN
  • Click on: Submit
  • CVR date is the approved date

Correct issue date will appear two working days after being issued

To see if a payment has been issued by the Office of the Comptroller use: illinoiscomptroller.gov

  • Go to Financial Inquiries (tab at top of the page)
  • Click on Vendor Payments
  • Enter SS# or FEIN
  • For the next two pages click on the Gray Boxes at bottom of page (Payments and Find Warrants)
  • Most recent issued payment will be listed at top of the page.

We hope this information helps you answer many of your questions.

Thank You!