PM 06-28-02 Application Process

WAG 06-28-02

Enrollment into the Former Foster Care program

Enrollment in the Former Foster Care program will come from two sources:

  • Central enrollment of New Manual TextIllinois DCFS Foster Care individuals who are losing their foster care coverage and medical benefits due to aging out; and
  • Self-initiated applications from individuals who aged out of foster care but are not yet age 26.

Central Enrollment

DCFS provides a monthly file to the All Kids unit of youth aging out of foster care services. The All Kids unit reviews the individual for Former Foster Care and opens the case if the individual qualifies. The All Kids unit routes the approved Former Foster Care case to the appropriate office for maintenance.


Self-initiated applications may arrive at the FCRCs or in the All Kids unit. New Manual TextReview WAG 06-28-02 for guidance on Former Foster Care application processing. 

Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URM) & Former Foster Care

Certain noncitizen refugee children may be designated as unaccompanied refugee minors (URM). These individuals would have arrived in the U.S. as documented refugees but not accompanied by a caretaker relative. If an applicant claims to be a URM, contact HFS medical policy at New Manual .