PM 06-28-00 Former Foster Care

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Effective January 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides medical coverage to individuals who lose medical coverage as a result of aging out of (exiting) foster care at the age of 18 or older. Public Act 98-0104 authorized the Department to provide medical coverage under the provisions of ACA to individuals who aged out of foster care provided by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and received federally funded Medicaid while in foster care. 

Beginning 01/01/2023, in compliance with the SUPPORT Act, Medicaid coverage under the Former Foster Care program has been expanded to allow states to cover former foster care youth regardless of the state in which they aged out. 

Note: The foster care policy in this section is unrelated to the SNAP Work Requirement exemption allowed for individuals age 24 and younger and were in foster care at the time of their 18th birthday. See WAG 03-25-01.