WAG 06-27-01 Authorizing & Maintaining DCFS Medical Coverage

PM 06-27-01

In the Integrated Eligibility System (IES), authorize DCFS medical eligibility through the DCFS office in the Application Registration system.

IES Process

DCFS staff use IES to authorize and maintain medical coverage. The category and federal claim ability under Titles IV-E and XIX of the Social Security Act for DCFS coverage is identified by the MangP Codes. 

MangP Code Description Funding
TA Child in Foster Care Title 19
TB Child in Foster Care State Funded
TC Child in KinGap (Guardianship) Title 19
TD Child in KinGap (Guardianship) State Funded
TE Adoption Assistance Title 19
XJ DCFS; Group 09; adoption assistance; out-of-state placement, eligible for Medicaid in other state. State Funded
XU DCFS; Group 30; Department of Corrections (not DCFS) Title 19
XV DCFS; Group 31; child of ward Title 19