WAG 03-13-04-c-4: Sanction in Effect More Than 3 Months

  1. (System) Mails Reminder Warning (Form 3291) to active and suspended cases with a first or 2nd level (50%) sanction if they are not in zero grant. The notice is mailed twice, at schedule cut-off before the 2nd and 3rd months of the sanction, if the reason is still 01-12. The notice reminds the client that they must cooperate or they will receive no cash benefit for the 4th month.
  2. (System) Uses TA 32/TAR 15 to adjust the code 512 amount and place the case in zero grant with code C in Item 34 for the 3rd month after the DATE of the level 1 or 2 sanction if the reason code is still 01-12.
  3. (System) For all cases with a sanction that has a date more than 3 months in the past (including level 3 sanctions), generates a Batch Exception Message that says, "SWAP case to MANG."
  4. (FCRC) SWAP the case to Medical for the next month, using TA 81 or TA 82/TAR 48. Do not delete code 176 when taking the SWAP action.

If the client cooperates after the SWAP to Medical, see revised textWAG 03-13-04-c-6 for ending a sanction.