Clarification of DSP Hours for Family and Intermittent CILAs

Illinois Department of Human Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities
Information Bulletin

Clarification of DSP Hours for Family and Intermittent CILAs
June, 2015


This Informational Bulletin is being issued to clarify the number of hours of Direct Service Professional (DSP) staff that may be included in the calculations of a Family or Intermittent Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) rate.


The Division of Developmental Disabilities has been provided anecdotal information that some families, providers, service coordinators, and other advocates are under the impression that there is a 15-hour maximum on the number of DSP hours that can be included in a Family or Intermittent CILA rate. While this is not accurate, and the hours are not, in fact, limited to 15, the Division recognizes that the rate calculator on the Department's website may be contributing to misunderstanding as it only allows 15 hours to be entered. We are working to correct this situation and will update the website rate calculator.

Process and Procedures

In the DDD Waiver Manual under the Waiver Services Section, the different types of CILAs are addressed. The Manual specifically states (under Intermittent CILA) that "On-site shift staff are available to provide both scheduled and unscheduled supports and services as needed by the participants served and as specified in each participant's service plan."

The Instructions on Completing the "Intermittent and Family CILA Support Individual Rate Worksheet" state, "The number of hours being requested should be supported by the Individual Service Plan (ISP). Intermittent and Family CILA supports will be approved only if they are substantiated by assessments and/or evaluations by qualified, licensed professionals and are supported through the Goals and Objectives in the person's ISP as determined by the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT)." (page 5)

Requests for hours above the 15 hours receive special scrutiny from the Division during the approval process, but can be awarded in accordance with an individual's needs.

For more information on requesting additional hours over the 15 hours per week, please contact the Region staff within the Division's Bureau of Community Services.

Effective Date

This Bulletin is issued to highlight existing policy currently in practice.