Notice of Addendum for Administration of the Illinois Youth Survey Request for Application

Notice of Addendum

Created Date: June 5, 2015
Created by: Kimberly Fornero

Key Information

Division: Family and Community Services

Procurement Reference Number: (Division Initials/PBC number): FSC/ #15-00000008992

Title: Administration of the Illinois Youth Survey Request for Application

Addendum Overview: Guidance regarding the original copies submitted to the Department

Edits pertain to one section within the RFA: Section F.

Application Submission Requirements - page 5 of 28: Updated the number of original copies to be submitted, changed from one to two.

Applicants must submit two (2) clearly identified, signed proposals and three (3) copies of the proposal.

Solicitation Contact: Illinois Department of Human Services

Email Address:
Kimberly Fornero
401 South Clinton Street, 4th Floor, Chicago IL 60607