WAG 21-02-07: Vocational Training

PM 21-02-07

  1. When the client is approved to participate in Vocational Training, provide the client with a copy of the RSP. Also give them a supply of Responsibility and Services Plan Attendance and Activity Report (Form 4006) unless other procedures have been established to verify attendance with the school.
  2. Explain participation requirements to the client. Tell them to submit a completed Form 4006 at least monthly. Tell the client to submit a copy of the grade report each term or a statement from the school at the next REDE, if the school does not issue grade reports.
  3. Be sure the client understands activity requirement policy; tell them about the cash penalties for failure and refusal to cooperate.
  4. If not already enrolled. refer the client to an education program if appropriate.
  5. revised textDocument the type of training program in the RSP and show how it meets the definition of Vocational Training. Use the RSP to keep track of how many months the client has been in Vocational Training. When have been in Vocational Training more than 12 months, the RSP must show they also meet the work requirement.
  6. revised textParticipation hours include school attendance hours plus allowable study hours. Use monthly hours and divide by 4 to find the weekly average. Update the RSP with the average weekly participation hours. Hours are displayed on the CDB in Item 60 Activity Code 350. 
  7. When the client completes their education goal or is no longer eligible to participate in Vocational Training, meet with the client and revise the RSP. Text deleted

Vocational Training Examples:

  1. Ms. A has been in a Vocational Training certificate program for 6 months. She has a child under age 6. Her minimum Core requirement and Participation target of 20 hours are met with participation in her program.
  2. If Ms. A has not finished her Vocational Training program within 12 months, she may continue in it, but she must participate at least 10 hours in a work activity. She is finishing an externship which requires her to practice her skills for 2 hours a day every week. Adding the 10 hours in Work Experience to at least 10 hours in Vocational Training meets her 20 hour Core requirement, as well as her case Participation target.  
  3. Mr. B's youngest child is age 10. He is in the 11th month of a full-time Vocational Training program. By adding 12 credit hours to 12 study hours, he can be credited with 24 hours in Vocational Training. His Core requirement of 20 hours is met. He must participate 6 more hours in a Countable activity to meet the 30 hour case Participation target. He is open to a Community Service assignment. The FLSA calculation on Form 4044 allows for up to 15 hours in Community Service, so assigning the needed 6 hours in Community Service is appropriate.
  4. Mr. B has not finished his Vocational Training Program within 12 months. He is now required to participate 20 hours in an additional work activity in order for his Vocational Training to count toward his 20 hour Core requirement. He is doing well in his Community Service assignment, so agrees to the maximum assignment of 15 hours the FLSA allows. Since the remaining 5 hours of the Core requirement will be deemed met in the Community Service assignment, it is advantageous to approve the training program as 10 hours Non-Core Job Skills in order to meet the 30 hour Participation target.
  5. Ms. C and Mr. D receive TANF with their 3 year old child. Having a child under age 6 does not affect a two Work Eligible case. Ms. C agrees to pursue CNA certification. Mr. D did not finish high school and would like to earn a GED to improve his employment prospects. Their case has not had any months in Vocational Training, so Ms. C is approved for 24 hours in the CNA program. Mr. D is assigned to 6 hours Work Experience to meet the 30 hour minimum Core requirement for the case. Mr. D is also credited with 5 hours Non-Core Education Related to Employment while he is working on his GED so that the case can meet its 35 hour Participation target.
  6. Mr. and Mrs. E come in for their Intensive Case Review at 24 months. Case documentation shows that Mrs. E has previously participated in Vocational Training for 12 months, so there is now a 20 hour work requirement for the case.  Mr. E asks to enroll in a certificate program at the local community college. The case has a minimum Core requirement of 30 hours, 20 hours of which must be in employment or a work activity. Mrs. E is employed 20 hours a week, so Mr. E may be credited for up to 15 hours in Vocational Education to meet the couple's Participation target of 35 hours. The Participation target is met with these two Core activities; Employment and Vocational Training.