WAG 03-13-04-c: Activity Sanctions

PM 03-13-04-c

Impose the sanction using TA 31/TAR 43 to enter Item 80 code 176 ASNC. In ACM, enter the code 176 on the SANCTION INFORMATION screen, which follows the ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN screen when you enter TA 31 and TAR 43 or TAR 51. In IPACS, the code is entered on PAGE 7, TANF GRANT COMPUTATION, under SANCTIONS.

Item 80 Code 176 (worker entered)

Enter Item 80 code 176 with the following fields through either ACM or IPACS:

  • 176 (under CODE);
  • the noncooperating person's RIN (under RIN);
  • the 4-digit effective month/year of the action (under DATE);
  • the reason code (under RSN) (see WAG 03-13-04-c-1); and
  • the sanction level - 1, 2, or 3 (under LEVEL).

Also enter the 6-digit date on/by which the client failed to cooperate under NCP DATE (noncooperation date). The NCP date is only needed for the Notice of Change - Sanction (Form 157PC) and does not appear in the code. When completing the Form 552 for IPACS entry, enter the NCP date in REMARKS. To report the NCP date, enter in the REMARKS box:

Box 85 = MM/DD/YY

The system sends Form 157PC with the correct message based on all these entries.

Code 176 is printed on the Form 552 in Item 80 with the reason under PERSONS, the 4-digit date under TOTAL COST, the RIN above the reason and date, and the level under SUP. BY. The code and fields also appear on page 2 of the ACID clearance.

DO NOT CHANGE ITEM 73 OR ITEM 78 for the noncooperating person. The sanction applies to the case, not the person. No other entries are needed to impose the sanction. The system automatically closes out the person's activity code from Item 60.

Central Process of TANF/SNAP Sanction

When the worker imposes a TANF work and training sanction using TA 31/TAR 43 to enter Item 80 code 176 ASNC in ACM or IPACS as described above, the system centrally enters the SNAP sanction code 242 FSWS for the noncooperating person based on the TANF sanction entries, when SNAP is on on the TANF case. See WAG 03-15-08-b and WAG 03-15-09-b for Central Process of TANF/SNAP Sanction.

NOTE: If the SNAP benefits are not on the TANF case, the worker must manually enter and delete code 242 FSWS information on the case with the SNAP when a customer fails to comply with TANF work and training requirements.

Item 90 Code 512 (system entered)

(System) Reduces the cash benefit through central entry of Item 90 code 512. The system computes the amount of the cash benefit reduction and enters code 512 in Item 90 with the correct amount, based on all active sanction codes on the Form 552. Only the system can enter, change, and delete code 512.

The code 512 amount is:

  • 50% of the Payment Level (Level 1 and 2 sanctions for the first 3 months); or
  • 100% of the Payment Level (Level 3 sanctions and Level 1 and 2 sanctions from the 4th month on); or
  • the cash benefit amount, if it is less than the percentage of the Payment Level.

(System) Subtracts code 512 from the cash benefit amount prior to recoupment. The code 512 amount is shown as "SANCTION AMOUNT" on Form 553H, Form 553I, and Form 553J.

(System) Adds code 512 to the cash benefit amount.

(Worker) You do not need to make any adjustment to the SNAP budgeting because of the sanction when the SNAP benefits are coded on the same case. The system makes the adjustment automatically. Code 357 NCA, Noncompliance Amount, is not needed.

(Worker) If the SNAP benefits are not on the same case, enter code 357 NCA on the case with the SNAP. Code 357 must be equal to the code 512 amount.

Item 34 Zero Grant Code C (system entered)

(System) Enters code C in Item 34 when the cash benefit is reduced to zero because of the sanction. Only the system can enter code C based on a code 512 amount equal to the cash benefit.

(System) Removes code C when the sanction code becomes inactive.