PM 02-09-05-a-7: RSP - Homeless Services

WAG 02-09-05-a-7

For a definition of homelessness, see PM 06-04-01.

If a person is homeless due to domestic or sexual violence, go to PM 02-09-05-a-2.

Although a homeless family needs help to maintain housing and financial stability, homelessness itself does not exempt a TANF recipient from engaging in Countable work, training and education activities.

If a client indicates they are required to spend time in activities as a condition of remaining in a shelter, ask the client to provide a plan, and to sign a consent for release of information for follow-up with shelter staff. Include verified shelter activities which match descriptions of DHS activities in the client's RSP.  

If time spent in assigned Support activities which will prevent homelessness interfere with achieving the case Participation Target, consider the time spent in the Support activity as good cause for not achieving the Participation Target. No family can achieve self-sufficiency without a stable home.

Suggested Activities:

  • Countable activities (including those in shelter agency plan) - PM 21-01-00.
  • Child Safety - PM 21-04-07
  • Other Support activities as required by shelter or deemed appropriate - PM 21-01-00.