WAG 02-09-05-a-6: RSP - Referral to DRS/DoA for Care of Others

PM 02-09-05-a-6

revised textTo initiate a referral for the person who needs care: 

  • to DoA, call the DoA Helpline at 800-252-8966; or 
  • to DRS, fax Referral for Assessment (Form 4647) to 217-557-0242. 

DRS faxes Form 4647 back to the Family Community Resource Center with their decision within about 60 days.

DoA notifies the person who needs care whether or not they are eligible for services within about 30 days. Our client may apply as a preferred worker at the time of referral.

Once the decision is known, take action as follows:

  1. If DRS or DoA denies services, engage the client in appropriate Countable activities. 
  2. If ORS approves PA services and the client is the PA, budget the PA payments as earned income. Supplement with other Countable activities if needed to meet the Participation Target.
  3. If DoA or DRS approves PA services and the client is not the PA, revise the client's RSP to engage the client in Countable activities.