PM 02-09-05-a-6: RSP - Referral to DRS/DoA for Care of Others

WAG 02-09-05-a-6

revised textIf an applicant or client claims a conflict with full engagement in Countable work, training and education activities because they care for someone with a medical condition who is not a related child under age 18 or spouse, they are not eligible for an exemption due to a Family Care Barrier (PM 03-13-02-c).

If the person who needs care for qualifies for services, the client or another person may be hired as a personal assistant, thus either providing earned income to the client, or freeing them to train for or obtain other employment.

Facilitate a referral for the person who needs care to:

  • the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) if the person is under age 60 or has AIDS or a brain injury; or
  • the Department on Aging (DoA) if the person is age 60 or over and does not have AIDS or a brain injury.

During the referral and evaluation process, assign the client to Support activity Health (PM 21-04-09) as their main activity.

Assign Countable activities (PM 21-02-00 & PM 21-03-00) to the extent the family situation allows.

Assign other Support activities as needed (PM 21-04-00).