PM 02-09-05-a-3: RSP - DCFS Services

WAG 02-09-05-a-3

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Intact Family Case

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) provides intact family services to a family when credible evidence of abuse or neglect has been found, but the children are not removed from the home. DCFS works with the family to prevent the loss of parental rights.

Norman Decree Case

If children are removed from the home of a TANF applicant or recipient, DCFS may identify it as a Norman case. DCFS works with the family to provide adequate living arrangements. Under certain circumstances, the parent qualifies for cash while the children are out of the home. The Family Community Resource Center receives a monthly list of Norman cases. See PM 04-01-08.

RSP Development

When a TANF applicant or recipient indicates that they are currently receiving intact family services from DCFS, or they are listed as a Norman case, ask the client for a copy of their DCFS plan. 

When creating a RSP, include DCFS activities which agree with DHS Countable and Support activity descriptions. If there are questions, contact the family's DCFS worker. Give priority to the DCFS plan. Don't schedule appointments or activities which conflict with DCFS requirements.  

Information about DCFS services, or other services such as substance abuse treatment or mental health services, requires the applicant's consent for release of information. This is provided by the consent statement on the applicant's application which states that they agree that DHS may share information provided by the applicant with other state departments who are also providing services to the applicant. DHS can provide information about receipt of TANF or an applicant's RSP.

Suggested Activities:

  • Countable activities (including those in DCFS plan) - PM 21-01-00.
  • Barrier Reduction activities mandated by DCFS plan:
  • Child Safety - PM 21-04-07
  • Other Support activities as required by DCFS or deemed appropriate - PM 21-01-00.