PM 02-09-07: RSP - Teen Parent

WAG 02-09-07

For a definition of a teen parent, and for activity compliance requirements, see PM 03-13-03.

A teen parent must comply with developing and signing their own RSP.

An RSP is required for a teen parent even if the teen is applying for or receiving TANF as a child in a case with a parent, other caretaker relative, or in a child-only case.

In a 3-generation house that contains a teen parent, complete an RSP for the teen parent and a separate RSP for the adult. Require the teen parent to sign their RSP and the other adult to sign their RSP.

If both the teen parent and their child's other parent is in the home, follow procedure for a two-parent case See PM 02-09-00.

TPS available

If Teen Parent Service (TPS) is available, and the applicant is a teen parent who does not have a high school diploma or GED, do a brief RSP that only includes keeping an appointment with TPS. See PM 14-12-00.

Treat keeping an appointment with with Teen Parent Services (TPS) before the application is approved as a voluntary activity. See PM 02-09-02.

If the teen parent has a high school diploma or GED, do a complete RSP and include a voluntary referral to TPS for advocacy.

Suggested activities:

  • Teen parent does not have high school diploma or GED:
  • Teen parent does have high school diploma or GED:
    • Other Countable activities;
    • Support activities as needed (PM 21-04-00).