College Illinois!® enrollment period extended through June 1st

Illinois families looking to find an affordable way to start tackling the costs of college will have additional time to take advantage of 2014-15 reduced pricing on all College Illinois!® Prepaid Tuition Program contracts. The state's only 529 prepaid-tuition program, College Illinois! offers families a way to "freeze" the cost of tuition by prepaying for future college tuition at today's contract rates. With pricing on all contracts reduced, some by as much as 29 percent, families now have through June 1st to start planning for their child or grandchild's future for as little as $21 a month.

The 2014-15 enrollment period opened later than past enrollment periods in order to implement price reductions. With numerous opportunities to reach out to potential contract holders coming later in the enrollment period, the extension through June 1st will allow more families an opportunity to learn about the program, take the time they need to make an enrollment decision, and take advantage of reduced pricing to start planning for the cost of college as early as possible. Find out more at