HFS Claims Processing

Communication Alert:  HFS Claims Processing

May 14, 2015

Community Providers:

DHS/DMH learned today that the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) has implemented a temporary hold on claims processing for all providers, starting May 1st. This hold was required due to programming changes necessary to implement reduced rates for some Medicaid services pursuant to PA99-0002.

Rule 132 Medicaid Mental Health rates are not affected by the Act. However, no claims can be processed by HFS until the programming changes are completed. Claims processing by HFS will resume once programming changes are tested and implemented.

You may continue to submit claims during this period.

When DHS/DMH receives an update on this situation from HFS, another Communication Alert will be disseminated.

Mary E. Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Director

Decision Support, Evaluation and Research
Division of Mental Health