PM 02-09-05-a-1: RSP - Pregnant Women

WAG 02-09-05-a-1

Develop the Responsibility and Services Plan to address the pregnant woman's current situation and special needs. Consider her stage of pregnancy and medical condition when deciding on appropriate activities.

If the customer reports medical problems more than 6 weeks before the expected delivery date, process a request for a medical barrier. She automatically qualifies for a medical barrier 6 weeks before and 12 weeks after delivery (PM 03-13-02-b).

If no medical barrier exists, be sensitive to limitations due to the pregnancy, such as morning sickness, and doctor appointments, etc.

If unemployed, or employment does not meet the case Participation Target, engage in suitable Countable activities.  This may be a good time to address education needs with participation in Education Related to Employment.

If the woman is a teenager, see "RSP for Teen Parent" (PM 02-09-07).

Suggested Activities: 

  • Countable Activities as appropriate for stage of pregnancy (PM 21-02-00 & PM 21-03-00);
  • Support Activities (PM 21-04-00):
    • Domestic or Sexual Violence Services
    • Mental Health Services
    • Alcohol/Substance Abuse Services
    • Child Support/Financial Resources
    • Basic Needs
    • Health.

Be sure a pregnant customer is connected to prenatal care, and make appropriate referrals for other needed services. She can call 1-800-226-0768 (toll-free) for help locating medical care.