Psychotropic Medication Monitoring Replacement Code


Communication Alert

Psychotropic Medication Monitoring Replacement Code

Please be advised that a replacement code has been identified for M0064 (Psychotropic Medication Monitoring) which was retired December 31, 2014. The replacement code is H2010. The same modifiers used previously for M0064 (as displayed below) will be applicable:

H2010 52  Psychotropic medication monitoring
H2010 SA  B Psychotropic medication monitoring (APN)
H2010 . . . B Psychotropic medication monitoring (MD/DO/DC)

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services is working on programming to add the replacement code to the MMIS which processes DMH provider claims. Please continue to hold your billing for this service until you are notified via a new communication alert that this work has been completed. As a reminder, if you submit claims with the new replacement code prior to being notified that the programming has been completed by HFS, those claims will be rejected. The programming should be completed with ample time to spare to assure that submission of claims for this service is well within 180 days of the service date for all services rendered from January 1, 2015 forward.

Mary E. Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Director

Decision Support, Research and Evaluation
Division of Mental Health