PM 03-13-02-c: Determination of Family Care Barrier

WAG 03-13-02-c

See PM 02-09-06-c for RSP development.

revised textAn applicant or client has a barrier to participation in Countable or Support activities when the Client Assessment Unit (CAU) determines they are unable to work due to the medical condition of a related child under age 18 (not a waiver child), or spouse living in the home.

When a person requests or appears to qualify for a family care barrier, send the medical evidence and social data to CAU for a determination. Participation in Countable activities is not required while the determination is pending or is under appeal.

Once a decision has been made by CAU, or by Hearings if appealed, do not resubmit medical information to CAU unless there is a change in the person's condition. If the person claims a new condition, or a worsening of the original condition, follow the process for a pending family care barrier.

When CAU approves a family care barrier, stop the client's TANF counter and reduce it if appropriate (see PM 03-06-01-f).