PM-06-27-04 DCFS Medical & Other Assistance in IES

WAG 06-27-04

DCFS Maintains Medical Coverage for Children/Youth Receiving DCFS Services

Once a DCFS case is established for child/youth, cash or other medical benefits cannot be authorized for a child under age 19 until DCFS staff closes the DCFS case.

TANF/AABD Cash Assistance or Medical Benefits

Children/youth on an active DCFS case may not receive or continue to receive DHS cash assistance or medical benefits. The Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) or All Kids Unit must remove the child/youth from the cash assistance or medical benefits case as soon as possible. 


A child/youth's foster or adoptive family may qualify for SNAP. Refer to PM 08-04-04-e for the Family Community Resource Center's (FCRC) budgeting of foster care payments for SNAP.


If a DCFS youth age 19 or older submits an application for cash or medical assistance, IES edits will permit registration and processing of the application.

When a child/youth who is active on a case in the FCRC or All Kids unit is taken into protective custody, DCFS authorizes medical benefits right away. A task is created in IES for the FCRC or All Kids Unit to review their case.

Electronic Document Management (EDM) in IES

Tasks in the EDM are used to notify the FCRC/All Kids unit when DCFS takes a child into protective custody: Child taken into custody by DCFS.