PM 06-27-01-b DCFS Temporary ID Number

WAG 06-27-01-b

Temporary medical coverage may be authorized as soon as a child is taken into protective custody. The DCFS worker contacts the DCFS Medical Card Hotline (or the Placement Clearance Desk during non-work hours) to obtain a Temporary Identification Number for use by the DCFS Managed Care Provider. The Managed Care Provider will coordinate with HFS to issue a medical Recipient Identification Number (RIN).

Example: Annie is taken into protective custody on December 1. Annie has never been issued a RIN in any other case. The investigator obtains a temporary ID number for DCFS managed care from the Placement Clearance Desk. The DCFS Technical Support Unit opens a DCFS Foster Care case in IES Application/Registration and assigns Annie a new RIN

Bing was taken into protective custody on August 8. A temporary ID number was assigned to Bing and a DCFS Foster Care case was opened. Later, it was confirmed that Bing was on All Kids Assist at the time he was taken into protective custody. On coordinating with the DCFS Managed Care Provider, DCFS Caseworker sets up a new Foster Care case using the All Kids Assist RIN.