Social Services Package B Status Update - April 14, 2015

Communication Alert - Social Services Package B Status Update - April 14, 2015


This Communication Alert is in follow-up to the Alert issued by the Division of Mental Health Thursday April 8th 2015. DMH has been informed by HFS that Social Services Package B status has been reactivated for individuals for whom this status was deactivated You may now submit registrations and re-registrations that you were advised to hold starting April 8, 2015 as the Social Services Package B issue has been remediated.

As discussed in the April 8th 2015 DMH Communication Alert, it is still recommended that agencies:

  1. Review the registration response reports generated by the Collaborative in response to registration batch and ProviderConnect registration submissions to ensure that the registrations that were submitted between March 31st and April 8th were accepted. As noted previously, the DMH Collaborative information system did not change, however due diligence suggests that agencies check to verify that the registrations submitted during this time period were accepted given the Social Services Package B issue.
  2. Review remittance advice received from HFS for claims submitted between the dates of March 31, 2015 and April 8th . Claims rejected because of Social Service Package B only issues for individuals who had social services package B status assigned will need to be resubmitted.

As always, questions regarding the processing of claims should be directed to the HFS billing consultants who may be reached at the following telephone number: 877-782-5565, Press "0". Additionally as usual, you may continue to request RINs and Social Services Package B status utilizing the DHS E-RIN system.

Mary E. Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Director

Decision Support, Research and Evaluation
Division of Mental Health
Illinois Department of Human Services