PM 02-09-06-f: RSP - Family Violence Exclusion

WAG 02-09-06-f

For determination of a Family Violence Exclusion, see PM 03-13-02-e.

revised textWhen a person is approved for a Family Violence Exclusion, the RSP must state what the person is doing to deal with the domestic or sexual violence.

Participation in voluntary Countable work, training and education activities may be offered. Explain the advantages of volunteering for Countable activities (PM 02-09-06).  Such participation does not negate the person's exempt status.

Design the RSP with the health and safety of the family in mind. Take into account the following:

  • legal obligations or other activities or issues related to the domestic or sexual violence;
  • referrals for services for the family. This may include:
    • individual or group counseling;
    • substance abuse services;
    • medical services;
    • mental health counseling;
    • immigration services;
    • relocation services;
    • independent living skills;
    • financial planning; and
    • legal services.

Suggested activities:

  • Voluntary Countable activities (PM 21-01-00);
  • Domestic/Sexual Violence Services; (PM 21-04-03);
  • Other Support activities which apply to the family's needs (PM 21-04-00).