PM 02-09-06: RSP For Exempt Individual

WAG 02-09-06

Voluntary Countable Work, Training & Education Activities

Although an exempt person cannot be required to include a Work and Training Activity in the RSP or to seek or maintain employment, encourage the person to use the time to prepare themselves to support their family by voluntarily participating in a Countable activity (PM 21-02-00 & PM 21-03-00). 

Countable activities may be included in the RSP of an Exempt individual, but only on a strictly voluntary basis. Inclusion of any Countable or Support activity on the RSP is necessesary for the issuance of supportive services to which the person is entitled. If an Exempt individual changes their mind and does follow through with a Countable activity for which they volunteered, take no action other than to revise the RSP. Verified voluntary hours in a Countable activity count as extra credit toward the State Work Participation Rate. Even if voluntary, do not agree to, or report more hours in a Core activity covered under the FLSA calculation. See PM 03-13-01-b.

Advantages to volunteering for a Countable activity:

  • Child care and all other applicable supportive services are provided for an activity included in the RSP (PM 21-05-00);
  • Employment provides extra income and does not invalidate the exemption;
  • Thirty hours of employment stops the 60-month counter;
  • Education can be completed at an individual pace.

Approve voluntary educational activities in the RSP only if there is a likelihood of success. A post-secondary program must provide knowledge and skills which will lead to employment. (See PM 21-02-07 & PM 21-02-08) If criteria are not met to include participation in the RSP, the person is free to participate on their own, but supportive services are not provided.

Support Activities

Based on the assessment of the individual and family situation, include Support activities (PM 21-04-00) to address any issues that would prevent employment once the exemption ends.

Do not require the client to participate in Support activities (other than substance abuse or mental health treatment) if they would rather voluntunteer to participate in Countable Work, Training and Education activities.

See PM 03-13-00 for general compliance requirements, including treatment for alcohol/substance abuse, mental health, and vocational rehabilitation.