April 7, 2015 - Child Care Payment Update

Here is the latest information from the IDHS Child Care Information line. (217) 524-9041

NOTICE: Many of the DHS nightly cycles took much longer to run than usual on April 1 - April 2nd. This delay caused payments entered in through the phone system on April 1st to have an entry date of April 2nd.

With funding now available, many payments have been approved by DHS, and will continue to be approved. On April 2nd, DHS approved MOST of the remaining payments entered up to March 27th that were not already approved. On April 6th, DHS approved MOST remaining payments entered in March not already approved, SOME (not all) payments entered on April 1st, and SOME (not all) payments entered on April 2nd. On Tuesday night 4/7, DHS should approve MOST of the remaining payments entered on April 1st and April 2nd not already approved, along with MANY payments entered on April 3rd. DHS always notes MOST on approval of payments because some payments get held up for individual technical issues or other provider specific issues. Funding will continue, and many more payments should be approved throughout this week. The fastest payments can be approved by DHS is two working days after being entered.

For issued payments, it appears SOME of the payments approved by DHS on April 2nd were issued Monday night April 6th. There are still some payments approved by DHS on April 2nd that have not been issued yet. Generally, payments will be issued one to three working days after approval. So, we believe those payments approved by DHS on April 2nd that have not been issued yet should be issued in the next day or two. With many more payments becoming approved this week, those should be issued soon after.

To find out when your payment was entered, you usually can use 800-804-3833. That number is supposed to tell of entered payments the working day after entry, approval of a payment the working day following the approval, and generally will tell about issue of a payment two working days after the issue. Unfortunately, 800-804-3833 for some callers, does not work well. Later in this call we will give you some web site information that you can use to see approved and issued payments. Licensed providers must enter the IVR case numbers on 800-804-3833 to hear information on their payments. Please refer to the most recent child care certificate or other child care case information for the IVR number.

If you have a question regarding a redetermination, approval, address change, certificate needed, the number of days entered in for a payment, and many other questions, you will need to contact your child care office that takes care of your case. Also, contact the child care office that handles the case for any payment that was issued but was not received, or for those returned undeliverable to The Office of the Comptroller.

The child care payment process is 3 Steps. Your payment is entered into the child care system, when funding is available, and the system has no errors the payment is approved by DHS. After the payment is approved, generally the payment will be issued by The Office of the Comptroller 1-3 working days after the approval. For providers paid by paper check, those are mailed the working date after being issued. For providers paid by direct deposit or the Illinois Debit Master Card, those payments will be in accounts two working days after being issued. Weekends and holidays are not working days.

To follow payments via the internet, you can generally see approved payments at: www.dhs.state.il.us

  • Go to tab: FOR PROVIDERS
  • Click on: Payments
  • Click on: Provider Payment Inquiry
  • Enter: SS# or FEIN
  • Click on: Submit
  • CVR date is the approved date

Correct issue date will appear two working days after being issued

To see if a payment has been issued by the Office of the Comptroller use: illinoiscomptroller.gov

  • Go to Financial Inquiries (tab at top of the page)
  • Click on Vendor Payments
  • Enter SS# or FEIN
  • *or the next two pages click on the Gray Boxes at bottom of page (Payments and Find Warrants)
  • Most recent issued payment will be listed at top of the page.

We hope this information helps you answer many of your questions. Check back to this number in a few days for new updates.

Thank You!