"Now is The Time" Project Aware

Communication Alert:  "Now is The Time" Project Aware

SAMHSA has released information on its "Now Is The Time" Project Aware community grants (See Link below). Community based agencies are eligible to apply. The purpose of this program is to support the training of teachers and a broad array of adults in the lives of students at the community level who interact with youth through their programs, including parents, law enforcement, faith based leaders, and other adults. Implementation of the project is expected to increase the mental health literacy among youth-serving adults, policy makers, and administrators of programs serving youth.

Due Date: May 1, 2015

Estimated Number of Awards: 70

Estimated Award Amount: Up to $125,000 per year up to 3 years

No matching funds required 

Link to Additional Information: "Now is the Time" Project AWARE-Community" 

In September 2014, ISBE as the State Educational Authority was awarded a 5 year grant under Now is the Time Project AWARE State Educational Agency Program cooperative agreement in the State of Illinois. Illinois (IL) AWARE seeks to ensure that every school will offer a safe and healthy learning environment to all students. IL AWARE will accomplish this by meeting project goals related to: (1) formalizing plans that allow for systems coordination to improve the mental health needs of youth and promote their familial and communal assets; (2) implementing these plans to assure sustainability; and (3) improving mental health literacy and capacity through YMHFA/MHFA training statewide.

Any agency interested in applying for this grant is asked to notify Kathryn Dittemore at IDHS-DMH, Bureau of Child and Adolescent Services regarding your interest in this funding opportunity, so that you can be linked with the ISBE Project Aware Director. Her contact information follows:

Kathryn Dittemore, LCSW, CRSS
Mental Health and School Coordinator
IDHS-DMH, Bureau of Child and Adolescent Services
4200 N Oak Park Ave - Annex Building
Chicago, IL 60634