Illinois Second Chance and Family Integrated Transitions (FIT)

Illinois Second Chance

Illinois Second Chance provides services to male and female youth age 17 1/2 and younger, with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues that are being released from secure correctional facilities to Cook County. The purpose of the program is to provide individualized, comprehensive aftercare planning and services for high-risk, high need youth that will support them as they transition from incarceration into the community. Illinois Second Chance creates a reentry infrastructure that incorporates evidence-based intervention techniques and community-based health and human services, beginning two months prior to release and continuing four months post-release. A partnership between the IDHS and IDJJ provides each youth with an aftercare plan that addresses the individual and his/her family's assessed needs, provides a service based case plan, and identifies the community placement requirements. Illinois Second Chance uses Family Integrated Transitions (FIT) as the primary strategy to reduce recidivism among juvenile offenders with mental health and chemical dependency disorders. Illinois Second Chance services are currently delivered in Cook County.